Biotyping workshop

A new, exciting and effective approach to client assessment

How will BioTyping help you in clinic?

BioTyping is an easy and logical concept to grasp with a proven record of great success in clinic.

The workshop aims to provide you with the skills to identify the 5 BioTypes; you will understand how a person’s biological make up can reveal a wealth of information, from personality traits, to the illnesses they are most susceptible to and which dietary choices suit them best.

By the end of the day you will feel confident and competent enough to implement your new knowledge in clinic and see the results for yourself!

Alessandro Ferretti has worked closely with Roderick Lane, (founder of the BioTyping theory and author of ‘The Adam and Eve Diet’) to develop this method of biological analysis. This is your opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills essential to improve your clinical practise.

Qualifies for CPD (BANT)