Practitioner Support & Mentoring

With over ten years in the field of nutrition we have had our business ups and downs. We have learnt what not to do as much as what really works! We also understand how disorientating it can be to graduate and leave the security of college with all its contacts, support and structure, to find oneself alone, embarking on a new business enterprise. It can be a lonely and terrifying prospect.

Who do you turn to when you are faced with a difficult client?

Where can you find support to set up and run your first clinic?

After years of studying, do you actually want to go into private practice, or are you destined for another path?

Live the life you want to live

As a result of our own experiences and training from high profile business strategists, we have developed a 1-2-1 mentoring programme designed to help you unlock your potential.

Whether you are a practitioner or student, a nutritional therapist or not, whether you are looking to build up your own business or simply want to find out how to best use your strength to achieve your life goals - our 1-2-1 programme will help you define your goals and provide you with guidance how to achieve them.

Our mentoring programme is tailored to meet your specific requirements and aspirations. It ranges from a one-off 2 hour session to 3 full days with ongoing mentoring support.

We aim to focus primarily on:

  • Core values & aspirations – making your chosen career congruent with your inner beliefs.
  • Assistance in Setting up & marketing a practice
  • Goal setting & development of an action plan
  • Development of clinical skills – coaching & practical support in working with clients, developing protocols and achieving results
  • Development of technical skills – intense coaching on selected areas
  • Research mentoring – helping you to find and interpret research more efficiently (click here to learn more)
  • Clinical mentoring – 1-2-1 support with specific clinical cases. Where necessary bringing in expertise from the doctors and specialists within our team

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and book in for a free of charge preliminary chat.

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