Nutrition Consultations

Are you feeling a little less energetic these days?

Do you wish you could concentrate more & stay mentally alert?

…and what about those few extra inches around your middle?

Equilibria can show you how to stay healthy, with boundless energy and vitality for life, just by making small changes in the food you buy and how you eat.

One diet suits all?
We are all unique with different genetic make-up, different health concerns & different lifestyles…how can we expect one diet to suit us all?

Equilibria’s skilled nutritional therapists help you to determine the best food mix for your body, developing personalised nutritional programmes planned around your lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultation, Making it happen…
During the consultation you will be given ideas on how to make changes to your diet that will be sustainable & ENJOYABLE! We can provide you with shopping lists, recipes, fact sheets & support information to help you make the transition to healthier living.

Give it a go