Advanced Biotyping

So you've had the opportunity to put your Biotyping skills into practice and you’ve seen the results for yourself. Now we are offering you the opportunity to develop your knowledge further….

This advanced workshop will explore Biotype personalities in more depth. You will discover how to tailor your consultation and approach to clients in order to motivate them and fulfil their optimum potential.

We will also address more comprehensive issues such as;

  • How do you deal with clients who are clearly a mix of biotypes?
  • Can a biotype change according to stage of life or lifestyle?
  • What do you do with vegetarian P and T types?
  • Exercises to suit specific metabolic constitutions

In addition, we will introduce some basic Iridology techniques. This simple analysis of the iris can determine potential health problems and areas of weakness in the body which will help further enhance your client assessment. The workshop will again be a practical day, consisting of lectures & interactive seminars.

Qualifies for CPD (BANT)

BANT Free Biotyping